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This Friday – Sunday (January 28-30) we will be offering 70% off ALL sales items in our store! This promotion applies to in-store and telephone orders ONLY (this will not be offered on our website). If you are in the Boston area, stop by and tell us your favorite David Bowie song to get the extra discount. If you are out of state, call us at 617-262-3348 and drop your favorite Bowie song (shipping costs are added). If you have any questions, please feel to call us or send us an e-mail at

**This sale applies ONLY to in-store and telephone orders. You MUST mention a David Bowie song in order to get the additional discount. This sale is 70% off the original price tag applying to sales items only. ALL SALES ARE FINAL. This offer is valid from 11am January 28th until 6pm January 30th only, we will not accept any extensions of this discount.

David Bowie: Rebel RebelHot enough to melt snow.
January 27, 2011, 3:12 pm
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January 25, 2011, 5:02 pm
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New Arrivals – Square One Apparel

Last week we were down in NYC for Men’s Market Week, and upon our arrival back there were boxes of Square One Apparel waiting for us! Based out of LA, all of their products are made in the USA and feature a soft hand and great fit. Here’s a preview of what we received, the full line will be available on-line shortly!

Long Shawl Cardigan

Slightly long cardigan with two big front pockets. Thick cotton in a unique grey salt-and-pepper pattern with ribbed cuffs. Great silhouette and super comfortable!

Price: $190

Crewneck Sweatshirt

Beautiful blue cotton crewneck sweatshirt with ribbed cuffs. Perfect for throwing on with a pair of jeans and a light jacket.

Price: $105

Hooded Rayon Cardigan

Lightweight cardigan with a hidden button placket on the front. 100% rayon (a synthetic alternative to silk) makes this lightweight and incredibly soft.

Price: $105

Shawl Collar Pullover Sweatshirt

Features a shawl collar with a one button closure and a great fit. A wool blend that is kept light, perfect for a layering piece in the winter or on it’s own in the spring!

Price: $135

Long Sleeve Shirt

One of our favorite pieces in this collection is the 100% modal long sleeve shirt. Excellent fit with a fitted torso and elongated sleeves. The modal (a type of rayon made from beechwood) makes this incredibly soft and lightweight. Slightly sheer, it’s breathable and looks great as a layering piece or on it’s own. Available in black and grey.

Price: $105

Scallop Hem Ribbed Tanktop

Another great piece for layering or by itself for the summer. Ribbed cotton for a trim fit and cut longer with a scalloped hem (looks fantastic underneath a tee or knit). Available in black or white.

Price: $45

V-neck Tee

Silky soft and lightweight v-neck in a gorgeous navy blue. Oversized neck opening for those warm spring days that aren’t too far away (hopefully)!

Price: $90

More information on Square One can be found on their website here

January 20, 2011, 4:37 pm
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One of the our newest additions is Brooklyn based jewelry company Arms & Armory. Designed by Christina Rodriquez, Arms & Armory necklaces have an antiqued finish and have a variety of pendants; among others we have a beetle, noose and guillotine, bird skull… even a monocle! All of our Arms & Armory jewelry are on display in our shop, available soon on our webstore! 

January 17, 2011, 2:38 pm
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Sale Items of the Day – Quoddy Moccasins

We still have a few styles of Quoddy’s left for men and women. All of our remaining Quoddy stock is 50% the original price, a truly unheard of deal! Shop on our webstore or come down to 334 Newbury street to try these on, they won’t last long. Here is what we have left of the handmade in Maine Quoddys:

Ring Boot for Men

A fantastic pair of black leather ring boots from Quoddy. Hand stitching and a double layered leather sole make these a versatile and comfortable staple to any wardrobe! We still have sizes 8-12, running true to size.

Price: $330, 50% off for $165 available here

Deck Boot for Men

The Quoddy Deck Shoe is a rugged, classic short boot handmade in Maine. Features a light brown suede body and tough Vibram sole, perfect for getting around during winter, or go sans socks in the summer. Only one pair left in size 8!

Price: $280, now only $140 available here

Ring Boot for Women

The Ring Boot for Women is made with superior craftsmanship and quality at Quoddy. The soft leather and sterling silver hardware make this a perfect pair any time of the year! We currently offer the black Ring Boot online, and we also have the Ring Boot in a beautiful brown leather with a crepe sole in our store.

Black leather boot with leather sole Price: $330 $165 available here in sizes 8 and 8.5

Brown leather boot with Crepe sole Price $300 $150 in sizes 7.5, 8.5 and 9 – available in-store or you can call us at 617-262-3348 to have it shipped to you!

January 13, 2011, 2:43 pm
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APC Jeans Fit Guide

 APC has become the standard for jeans, both for men and women. Exceptional quality and the perfect fit for any style will have you wearing them for years. We’ve put this guide into four categories: cut, fabric, sizing, and care. First we will show you the four models of jeans we carry: the New Standard, Petite Standard, New Cure, and Rescue.

New Standard

Essentially “the standard” jean, regular fit in the rise/waist, with a straight leg, tapering only slightly from the knee to hem. Also available in black raw denim.

Petite Standard

One of the newest fits from APC, the Petite Standard is essentially a combination of the New Standard and the New Cure. Think of this as a slimmer New Standard with a lower rise like the New Cure. The Petite Standard is our most popular cut for women. Also available in black raw denim.

New Cure

The New Cure is the low rise, skinny jean of the group. Unlike the New Standard, the New Cure tapers from the thigh to hem, making a much more narrow silhouette. The perfect fit is you’re looking for a slim cut with exceptional quality.


The Rescue is a utilitarian, full cut jean. A true straight leg with a full rise. While this is a full cut, it still has that clean, classic APC look.


All APC denim is made out of selvage fabric, which is essentially a better quality denim that is stronger and made on an old-style shuttle loom. You can see if a pair of jeans is made of selvage by flipping the cuff on the button and seeing if there is a selvage line, as exampled below:

The only exception with the selvage line is in the New Cure cut. They are made out of the same selvage denim as the other jeans, however the New Cure cut is so narrow at the hem they were unable to show the selvage line.

APC are raw (also called dry) jeans, which basically means they have not been washed after dyed. This means that when you try them on, they will feel slightly stiff. This is the nature of raw denim. The appeal with raw denim is that over time, they fade and wear onto your body, essentially making your pair completely unique and personal.


One of the key things to getting a pair of APC jeans is picking the correct size. We highly recommend coming in and trying on a bunch of sizes and models! Usually, people size down 1-2 sizes from their normal size. The reason for this is raw denim will stretch out once worn for a few times. So if you are normally a size 30” waist, we recommend trying on a 29 for a classic fit, or a 28 for a more narrow fit. The best way to know for sure is to try them on and see how they fit on you!


The best way to get a great pair of APC’s that fit perfectly and are faded and creased to your body is to WEAR THEM! Most recommend not washing them for at least 6 months so that the fabric has time to set in and mold to you. By waiting, when it comes time to wash you will get more denim fades and a more personal look. However, you can always throw them in the wash first thing and have them come out soft and a more even, relaxed color. Always wash by itself as there will be a lot of indigo that bleeds off the jeans in the wash!

Price: $175 all cuts and washes available here

January 12, 2011, 10:01 am
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New Arrivals – Suno resort collection

We just received our Suno resort line in the shop, and the vibrant, warm colors will get you out of that winter slump! Suno is a company with a social and environmental conscious, on top of their great fits and bld patterns. We think they say it best:

Suno was formed in 2008 with the purpose of building a successful and visible company that employed local Kenyan talent, treated workers fairly, and showcased some of Kenya’s artistry in a way that could potentially affect positive and lasting social and economic change. The design and development for Suno takes place in New York City, employing skilled sample and pattern makers in New York’s Garment District. The patterns and samples are then brought to Kenya where the garments are artisanally produced in small workshops.

Below are what we just received in our first shipment, stay tuned for future additions soon!

Floral spring dress

A beautiful spring dress with 3/4 length sleeves and an assymetrical cut around the waist. Lightweight material and a stunning pattern!

Price: $575

Cropped King blazer

Cropped blazer with a single button closure. Satin lining as well as on the peak lapels. A standout piece!

Price: $530

Godet shorts

It’s hard to think in this weather, but shorts season will be here in no time! Beautiful shorts with alternating patterns sewn together.

Price: $255