Cool Hunting with Jean Touitou of APC
June 23, 2011, 10:00 am
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May 3, 2011, 2:20 pm
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Mother’s Day from Stel’s!

While some might be stressing over what to get for Mother’s Day, worry not for your friends at Stel’s have you covered! We’ve got some great ideas for her that will not disappoint.

Suno Bracelets

These gorgeous bracelets are perfect for any outfit, and interesting story to boot. Made from brass, each one is wrapped in a vintage handkerchief for a unique one of a kind look.

From $75, available in store

Reece Hudson Bag

Gotta make this Mother’s Day count? You’ll go down as a heroic legend with the Reece Hudson shoulder bag. Made from incredible leather with crocodile details, it’s guaranteed to leave her speechless.

$1,520 available here

Surface to Air Cardigan

This animal print cardigan is super comfortable and goes with any style. Give mom a little kick in her wardrobe!

$290, available in store

January 13, 2011, 2:43 pm
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APC Jeans Fit Guide

 APC has become the standard for jeans, both for men and women. Exceptional quality and the perfect fit for any style will have you wearing them for years. We’ve put this guide into four categories: cut, fabric, sizing, and care. First we will show you the four models of jeans we carry: the New Standard, Petite Standard, New Cure, and Rescue.

New Standard

Essentially “the standard” jean, regular fit in the rise/waist, with a straight leg, tapering only slightly from the knee to hem. Also available in black raw denim.

Petite Standard

One of the newest fits from APC, the Petite Standard is essentially a combination of the New Standard and the New Cure. Think of this as a slimmer New Standard with a lower rise like the New Cure. The Petite Standard is our most popular cut for women. Also available in black raw denim.

New Cure

The New Cure is the low rise, skinny jean of the group. Unlike the New Standard, the New Cure tapers from the thigh to hem, making a much more narrow silhouette. The perfect fit is you’re looking for a slim cut with exceptional quality.


The Rescue is a utilitarian, full cut jean. A true straight leg with a full rise. While this is a full cut, it still has that clean, classic APC look.


All APC denim is made out of selvage fabric, which is essentially a better quality denim that is stronger and made on an old-style shuttle loom. You can see if a pair of jeans is made of selvage by flipping the cuff on the button and seeing if there is a selvage line, as exampled below:

The only exception with the selvage line is in the New Cure cut. They are made out of the same selvage denim as the other jeans, however the New Cure cut is so narrow at the hem they were unable to show the selvage line.

APC are raw (also called dry) jeans, which basically means they have not been washed after dyed. This means that when you try them on, they will feel slightly stiff. This is the nature of raw denim. The appeal with raw denim is that over time, they fade and wear onto your body, essentially making your pair completely unique and personal.


One of the key things to getting a pair of APC jeans is picking the correct size. We highly recommend coming in and trying on a bunch of sizes and models! Usually, people size down 1-2 sizes from their normal size. The reason for this is raw denim will stretch out once worn for a few times. So if you are normally a size 30” waist, we recommend trying on a 29 for a classic fit, or a 28 for a more narrow fit. The best way to know for sure is to try them on and see how they fit on you!


The best way to get a great pair of APC’s that fit perfectly and are faded and creased to your body is to WEAR THEM! Most recommend not washing them for at least 6 months so that the fabric has time to set in and mold to you. By waiting, when it comes time to wash you will get more denim fades and a more personal look. However, you can always throw them in the wash first thing and have them come out soft and a more even, relaxed color. Always wash by itself as there will be a lot of indigo that bleeds off the jeans in the wash!

Price: $175 all cuts and washes available here