Staff Favorite; Meyers + Chang
December 21, 2011, 4:37 pm
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Meyers + Chang is one of my absolute favorite spots in Boston. I could go on and on about this restaurant but I think you should just watch the video, if the Chicken and Waffles dish doesn’t get you excited, I don’t know what would!



Instore Event with Area Four
November 29, 2011, 8:21 pm
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On Saturday, December 3rd the lovely people from Area Four will be hanging here at the shop. If you are local you should swing by for some delish desserts and coffee. Stel’s is open from 11-7 and Area Four will be with us from 12-5.

If you have not already experienced Area Four than this is a great opportunity to grab a little bite. Either way, we encourage you to stop by their Cambridge, MA digs to taste test some of their ridiculously sumptuous menu. Area Four is a cafe/bakery/bar/oven with an emphasis on local flavors and organic, sustainable ingredients. The wooden ovens handle the food, the coffee is that of a connoisseur’s dreams and if it’s a sweet tooth you are looking to satiate; they have a whole slew of decadent options for you.  At the bar you will find plenty to sip on including over 30 types of Whisky, 12 local beers on tap and Boston’s first all kegged wine program.

Is your mouth watering yet?

All photos are credited to Area Four.

For more info on Area Four head HERE to their site. Hope to  see you all Saturday!

Stels X Drink Party
September 22, 2011, 2:41 pm
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Last week we held a private event here at our shop with the lovely people from drink who brought over a full bar and mixed up some delicious cocktails. As you can see above, they were fully enjoyed… maybe a bit too much.

A local spot, located on Congress Street, Drink is more about the art and experience of enjoying an after work cocktail than just “grabbing” a drink. They are infamous for not having a menu but tailoring each beverage to the customer. At drink you will be probed with questions about what alcohol base you like, do you prefer sweet or bitter? Then create your own customized libation just for you. To top it off the quality of every ingredient is top notch. The bitters, extracts, ect. are all homemade. Glasses are kept chilled, at room temperature, or warmed for your liking. Drink has a great speakeasy, prohibition kind of vibe that we dig. It’s a great spot so be sure to check it out. You can hit up their site HERE.

When the chance at bringing in Drink for a party at Stel’s was presented, it was a no brainer. We jumped at the opportunity and the results were fantastic. Everyone has had a great time and it was surely a night to remember. We kept it small and intimate with good friends and colleagues, amazing food, good drinks, and intriguing conversation. Our friend, Mike Russos, made a great playlist of mainly old soul music mixed in with some of our favorite contemporary artists. Misty and John from Drink served up the spirits. My favorite was the Buck, an intoxicating mix of Bourbon, honey, ginger, lemon, and a bit of soda water. At the end of the night the remaining Buck was poured into a silver bowl and we were all handed straws (as you can see from our pictures, we all got into the fun). Our friends pictured are Paul Grant, Liz Natola, Justin Molina, and myself.

Jackie Jenks (above) is pictured with the food table. By the end of the night, that table was empty.

I want to thank John, Misty, and the whole Drink team for extending their hospitality to us here at Stel’s The party was a complete success and they were so accommodating and kind!

Thanks guys!


February 10, 2011, 10:00 am
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Drink: Manhattan

We’re all fans of the alcoholic beverage here, from imported beers to cocktail concoctions. A favorite standby of mine is the Manhattan. During this harsh winter, it takes more than a tad of motivation to get me to a bar when it’s freezing rain and 3 degrees out, so I decided to try and create my own recipe. After many failed attempts and sour faces, I finally found a blend that works.

The Manhattan is a really basic cocktail, the main ingredients being: whiskey, vermouth, bitters, and a garnish.

The most important part of the drink of course, is the whiskey. Traditionally made with rye whiskey, people have been known to use bourbon as well. While I’m a big fan of bourbon (especially Woodford Reserve) I would recommend using rye as I found the bouron whiskey to be a bit overpowering.

Vermouth is the next ingredient. Vermouth is a fortified wine, and contains spices, herbs, and botanicals. The two basic types of Vermouth are dry and sweet, and in the recipe I have there are an equal amount of both.

Bitters are something you probably don’t have laying around the house, but it’s worth having around. Bitters are very concentrated and you only need a few drops, too much and your drink will be, well too bitter.

The final ingredient is the garnish. While not present in the original Manhattan, I enjoy a twist of orange or lemon to add a little pep in the flavor. Some also use a maraschino cherry in the bottom of the glass.

The Manhattan Recipe

3 parts rye whiskey

1/2 part dry vermouth, 1/2 part sweet vermouth

1-2 drops of bitters (I recommend no more than 2 drops)


Combine whiskey, vermouths, and bitters in a cocktail shaker with ice. Shake gently, mixing too violently and you will “disrupt the spirits”. Strain the mixture into a chilled glass and adorn with the garnish of your choice. I liked to cut a lemon peel and rub along the rim of the glass, and squeeze a few drops into the drink before discarding.

And that’s it! A perfect drink for lounging around the house with friends or to unwind as you watch the snow fall.

December 31, 2010, 3:26 pm
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This is my favorite champagne occasion cocktail, but I lifted that notion from Mike- based on it’s own merits, of course.  The original recipe comes from legendary bon vivant Charles Baker’s ‘The Gentleman’s Companion’, a sort of cub scout manual full of florid anecdotes of skull splitting drinks in exotic locales.  Baker included it under “FIVE DELICIOUS CHAMPAGNE OPPORTUNITIES, which are not to be ignored.”  Exactly.

The original recipe goes like this:
“Fill a big 16 oz thin crystal goblet with finely cracked ice.  In the diametrical center of this frosty mass went a lump of sugar well saturated with Angostura [bitters], then 2 jiggers of good French cognac, then fill the glass with chilled champagne, finally floating on very carefully 2 TB of genuine green chartreuse- no pineapple, no mint sprig, no cherry garnish.”

Seeing as his starts on a base of 3 oz of cognac, and assuming you don’t have a death wish, I am adapting it for modern usage by roughly splitting the recipe.

The Jimmy Roosevelt

Fill a glass with crushed ice.
Add one sugar cube soaked with 2 or 3 dashes Angostura Bitters (No cube: improvise)
Add 1.5 oz Cognac
Nearly fill glass with champagne
Float 1/2 oz Green Chartreuse

Voila! Enjoy.