February 10, 2011, 10:00 am
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Drink: Manhattan

We’re all fans of the alcoholic beverage here, from imported beers to cocktail concoctions. A favorite standby of mine is the Manhattan. During this harsh winter, it takes more than a tad of motivation to get me to a bar when it’s freezing rain and 3 degrees out, so I decided to try and create my own recipe. After many failed attempts and sour faces, I finally found a blend that works.

The Manhattan is a really basic cocktail, the main ingredients being: whiskey, vermouth, bitters, and a garnish.

The most important part of the drink of course, is the whiskey. Traditionally made with rye whiskey, people have been known to use bourbon as well. While I’m a big fan of bourbon (especially Woodford Reserve) I would recommend using rye as I found the bouron whiskey to be a bit overpowering.

Vermouth is the next ingredient. Vermouth is a fortified wine, and contains spices, herbs, and botanicals. The two basic types of Vermouth are dry and sweet, and in the recipe I have there are an equal amount of both.

Bitters are something you probably don’t have laying around the house, but it’s worth having around. Bitters are very concentrated and you only need a few drops, too much and your drink will be, well too bitter.

The final ingredient is the garnish. While not present in the original Manhattan, I enjoy a twist of orange or lemon to add a little pep in the flavor. Some also use a maraschino cherry in the bottom of the glass.

The Manhattan Recipe

3 parts rye whiskey

1/2 part dry vermouth, 1/2 part sweet vermouth

1-2 drops of bitters (I recommend no more than 2 drops)


Combine whiskey, vermouths, and bitters in a cocktail shaker with ice. Shake gently, mixing too violently and you will “disrupt the spirits”. Strain the mixture into a chilled glass and adorn with the garnish of your choice. I liked to cut a lemon peel and rub along the rim of the glass, and squeeze a few drops into the drink before discarding.

And that’s it! A perfect drink for lounging around the house with friends or to unwind as you watch the snow fall.

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